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Read­ing time: 2 — 2 min­utes JavaOne and Ora­cle develop India 2011-may 10/11, Hyder­abad When? May 10–11, 2011 (sched­ule) Where? Hyder­abad Inter­na­tional Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, Hyder­abad, India What? Keynote, tech­ni­cal ses­sions, exhibits halls, OTN night, Hall­way con­ver­sa­tions, Birya­nis and much more! Four num­bers will cover the com­plete Java land­scape: Core Java Plat­for­m­Java EE, Enter­prise Com­put­ing, and the CloudJava […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 4 min­utes March Ora­cle Tech­nol­ogy Net­work offers (Ora­cle tech­nol­ogy net­work Blog (aka TechBlog))Oracle tech­nol­ogy net­work Blog (aka Tech­Blog) inside the Ora­cle tech­nol­ogy network-the world’s largest com­mu­nity of devel­op­ers, admin­is­tra­tors, and archi­tects. Java.NET Reborn ’ main ’ reborn | Main Ora­cle tech­nol­ogy net­work offers March by Cas­san­dra Clark on March 4, 2011 […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 3 min­utes Ora­cle on Eclipse Con 2011: OSGi-enabled Java EE appli­ca­tions using Glass­Fish Tuto­r­ial and other ses­sions Ora­cle is a Gold spon­sor at Eclipse Con 2011. Sahoo and I will give a 2-hour tuto­r­ial on devel­op­ing OSGi-enabled Java EE appli­ca­tions using Glass­Fish (ses­sion # 1987). We will walk you through build­ing OSGi […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 4 min­utes IDG News Ser­vice — Google’s (GOOG) deci­sion this week to ask the U.S. Patent & Trade­mark Office to review a num­ber of Ora­cle (ORCL) patents in the com­pa­nies ’ ongo­ing intellectual-property case could have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on how the dis­pute play­ing. Ora­cle sued Google last year, claims the […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 5 min­utes Not apply for your first job a place; apply for an expe­ri­ence on Ora­cle. (Ora­cle EMEA Cam­pus recruitment)Oracle EMEA Cam­pus recruit­ment look­ing for a way to stand out to poten­tial employ­ers? ’ main ’ Look­ing for a way to stand out to poten­tial employ­ers? | Main not Apply for your […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 3 min­utes IDG News Ser­vice — Microsoft (MSFT) announced Wednes­day avail­abil­ity of Dynam­ics CRM 2011, on the premises and partner-hosted ver­sion of its CRM (cus­tomer rela­tion­ship man­age­ment) soft­ware. The new release can be scaled up to 150 000 con­cur­rent users in a single-instance at the same time main­tain fast response times, […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 4 min­utes (Click the image for larger view)Slideshow: Top 10 secu­rity sto­ries 2010 Ora­cle on Mon­day announced that it has released Ora­cle Data­base fire­wall that is designed to mon­i­tor data­bases in real time, enforce nor­mal data­base behav­ior and defend against unau­tho­rized infor­ma­tion access or SQL injec­tion attacks. Requires that the soft­ware uses […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 4 min­utes Los próx­i­mos días 22–24 de este mes de febrero se cel­e­bra el XIV Con­greso Nacional de Infor­mática de la Salud Infor­salud 2011, cuyo pro­grama se cen­tra en el lema “La Estrate­gia de Tec­nologías de la Infor­ma­ción y de la Comu­ni­cación, y su impacto en la mejora del Sis­tema de […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 4 min­utes Ora­cle Juniorképzés meg­ny­itó csütörtökön (Ora­cle Data­base és Enter­prise Manager)Oracle Enter­prise Man­ager Data­base és Hírek, tippek és tapasz­ta­la­tok Fooldal Ora­cle Data­base, Ora­cle Enter­prise Man­ager Doku­men­tá­ció Letöltések Mag­yar nyelvu ismerte­tok Game-changing new tech­nol­ogy for data cen­ter stor­age ’ main ’ Game-changing new tech­nol­ogy for data cen­ter stor­age | Main Ora­cle Juniorképzés megnyitó […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 2 min­utes There is a great overview of the com­po­nents and fea­tures in Ora­cle Solaris Stu­dio com­pil­ers and tools now in HTML and PDF: Ora­cle Solaris Stu­dio con­tains every­thing you need to develop C, C++ and For­tran appli­ca­tions that run in the Ora­cle Solaris 10 on SPARC or x 86 and x […]