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Read­ing time: 1 — 2 min­utes Mon­day 28. Feb­ru­ary 2011 Java is the most tar­geted Mobile Plat­form the most recent data from research and mar­kets was just pub­lished to the end of 2010. And let us see what mobile plat­form were tar­geted most of devel­op­ers. Good, good, good. The data shows once again the Java […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 3 min­utes Sun­day 06. March 2011 How to ana­lyze Java App desk­top fea­tures prior to adap­ta­tion to the Net­Beans Plat­form Port­ing appli­ca­tion to the Net­Beans Plat­form is a com­pli­cated process, it is pre­cisely because a pro­gram fea­tures tend to be wrap­ping through­out the pro­gram. It would be pretty con­ve­nient, if you somehow […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 4 min­utes Sun­day 20. Feb­ru­ary 2011 Coor­di­nat­ing JRa­dioBut­tons in Net­Beans Plat­form tool­bar I now have a solu­tion for coor­di­nat­ing JRa­dioBut­tons (and as a result, JCheck­Boxes and their related menu item equiv­a­lents, as well as) in the Net­Beans Plat­form. In the screen­shot below are three radio but­tons on the tool­bar (“Zoom in”, “Zoom […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 3 min­utes Sun­day 13. Feb­ru­ary 2011 Blue­Tooth on Linux on the Net­Beans Plat­form Small Hello world sce­nario for Blue­Tooth in a Net­Beans Plat­form appli­ca­tion on Linux. sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev down­load these pots from site blue­cove: bluecove-2.1.0. jar bluecove-gpl-2.1.0. jar cre­ates a new Net­Beans Plat­form appli­ca­tion. Cre­ate a new mod­ule and wrap […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 4 min­utes SAP wants to ensure its scope does not exceed its scope in the bud­ding field of Cloud com­put­ing. So it takes it one step at a time with method­i­cal Busi­ness urban design. Urban design Fea­ture Pack 2.6 update revealed on Mon­day is a big step, since it adds a […]

Read­ing time: 4 — 6 min­utes Those who often visit the VMware Hard­ware Com­pat­i­bil­ity List (HCL) for SWINE VESICULAR DISEASE or vir­tu­al­iza­tion stor­age devices will have noticed, Hitachi VSP listed for ESX 4 1 with a foot­note. The foot­note will have a very impor­tant impact on where, when, and how you can use VMware with […]

Read­ing time: 3 — 4 min­utes (Click the image for larger view)Slideshow: Top 15 Face­book Apps For busi­ness In its ongo­ing ini­tia­tive to woo pub­lish­ing Com­mu­nity work­ing Face­book on an enlarged com­ment­ing sys­tem for third-party Web sites, which is expected to launch within the next few weeks. System–which report­edly is sim­i­lar in many respects to them, […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 4 min­utes Most read last news blog resource rev­o­lu­tionPho­tos from open­ing a new sec­tion at the com­puter His­tory Museum.Fix con­cur­rency to rec­og­nize when the lights go out in the u.s. North­east on 14 Aug 2003, su is a power … (Page 1 of 2)Microsoft Corp. announced the avail­abil­ity of free Web development […]

Read­ing time: 2 — 2 min­utes Read the lat­est resources, news, most of the blog.Trend Micro, a long time inno­va­tor in secu­rity of mobile phones. Pub­lished the first of many appli­ca­tions that are planned for the plat­form Android today, Trend Micro ™ Mobile Secu­rity is to pre­vent cyber-attacks on mobile devices, Android plat­form, Android is […]

Read­ing time: < 1 minute Most read last Blog News Rack­space Cloud­kick pur­chase resourcesRack­space empha­sizes using Automa­tion of admin­is­tra­tive Cloud­kick in own offeri …The agile Heart­beat when orga­ni­za­tions to Agile who most affected how pro­gram­mers? Test Stake­holde …Con­fig­ure the FUSE ESB if you are using fuse Enter­prise Ser­vice Bus, you should read this white paper […]